What is implantation

Dental implants are the most advanced and ideal way to replace missing teeth and restore well-being. Small titanium screws are screwed into the jaw under the gums to replace lost teeth. Titanium is used for dental implants because of its compatibility with the human body and it causes no allergic reactions. Implant abutments and crowns, which are mounted on top of implants, precisely imitate the natural shape of the tooth, while functioning and ensuring the necessary comfort just like a natural tooth.

Specialists of Vitadent Clinic provide dental implant treatment on a routine basis using the highest quality implant systems and safe microsurgical techniques to ensure a very predictable outcome.

An implant is a structure consisting of three main components (a, b and c) and is intended to replace one, several or all of the teeth in the jaw by fixed prosthetics.

  • A titanium screw
  • An abutment, i.e. a connector
  • A crown

Advantages of implantology

Implantology allows to solve difficult clinical problems when other ways of prosthetics are impossible or cause physical and aesthetic discomfort.

An implant that has fully grown into a jaw provides a very firm base for a dental crown, bridge or prosthesis that is immobile to ensure natural speech, effective and painless chewing, the best aesthetic results and, most importantly, improved self-confidence

Use of implants relieves from the necessity to maintain unreliable teeth, at the same time minimizing the risk of bone atrophy in the extraction spot. This method makes it possible to complete the set of teeth without affecting healthy teeth; is convenient for recovering remote teeth; allows to create fixed dentures in cases of total lack of own teeth.

How can we help?

Implant of a single tooth – an individual implant can be attached for patients who are missing a single tooth. This implant will work the same as a natural tooth when a crown is mounted on top.

Bridge supported by implants – traditional bridges are mounted in certain places when several neighbouring teeth are missing.

Dental prosthesis supported by implants – this is an alternative to removable dentures. Full or partial dentures will be mounted on the heads of several implants. Patient will no longer experience any troubles associated with dentures falling out while speaking or eating. Dentures supported by implants will improve the patient’s smile and require less repairs than traditional dentures.

What is the cost of replacing a tooth at Vitadent Clinic ?

Vitadent Clinic offers everyone a free consultation regarding the installation of an implant. The price for all stages and components of an implant is EUR 1200 for Alfa Bio system and 1800 EUR for Straumann system. This price also includes injections, x-rays, diagnosis and recommendations. If for some reason the combined price is higher than the abovementioned price (for example, there is a need to augment the bone), our expert in this area will let you know about this in advance at the stage of a free consultation.

Stages of teeth implantation

  1. During the first visit, an analysis of the implantation site is carried out by clinical evaluation and using 3D X-ray images
  2. During the second visitan installation of the implant is done under local anaesthesia, in compliance with all the aseptic and antiseptic rules.  The implant is connected to a healing abutment or a temporary crown for the formation of the profile of the emergence of the future permanent crown. The implant is left for 3-4 months to completely integrate with the bone.
  3. Impression taking , the colour and material of the structure are chosen. This is required for the production of a restoration that will not differ from your own teeth in terms of its colour, shape and size.
  4. Once the implant has firmly bonded with the bone, a dental crown, bridge or denture is mounted on top.


Will the implant take root?

The osseointegration process, i.e. the implant survival, has been studied very well. The phenomenon was first described in the 1960s, and in the last few decades there has been no more doubt about the high success rate of the procedure. The success rate of implant integration in Vitadent clinic is more than 99%.

How long dental implants last?

The implant has the best survival rate among all types of prosthetics. According to a recent systematic review, a 15-year survival rate of the implant is 95%.

What can I expect after the installation of the implant?

After the implant is installed, you will feel a minimal discomfort around the area of surgery. Usually, a slight pain in the gums lasts for 2 to 3 days. You will not have to take a leave from work, as the microsurgical techniques help avoid a painful response of the soft tissue and speed up the healing process.

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