First aid

First aid in case of dental emergencies

At Vitadent Clinic we are always willing to provide first aid to patients with dental emergencies. We also apologize in advance and appreciate it greatly if our patients were to be understanding in case it is not possible for us to offer our help right away.

The most common dental injury (especially in case of young permanent teeth) is avulsion – when the whole tooth literally falls out of the tooth socket after a serious trauma. If the tooth itself is not damaged, it is possible to replant the tooth. The patient should adhere to the following recommendations in case of a dental avulsion:

  1. Avoid contaminating the tooth. If a contamination has occured, rinse the tooth thorougly with a solution of salt and water (1/2 teaspoon of salt per glass of warm water)
  2. Place the tooth in a suitable moist environment: milk, salt/water solution (described previously), saliva (the tooth can be held in the mouth). The maximum time of keeping the tooth in such an environment is 2-3 hours.
  3. Ask for first aid at the nearest dental office. It is important to take the avulsed tooth with you

If these recommendations are adhered to, there is a strong possibility that the avulsed tooth can be replanted. The primary factor affecting the prognosis of a replanted tooth is the time that the tooth spends outside of the tooth socket – therefore it is paramount to act quickly.

Even after replantation the tooth may require additional therapy (such as root canal therapy, etc.)

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