In-office whitening

In Vitadent Clinic teeth whitening is done using a highly effective and safe American system Beyond. This technology guarantees a balance between treatment duration, safety and comfort.

How does Beyond technology work?

Before the whitening procedure, gums are coated with a special gel, guaranteeing absolute gum protection. Whitening gel, lit by a cold blue light (LED) ray, activates oxygen inside the tooth, which cleans the tooth‘s surface along with inner tints, accumulated from stain-producing food, drinks, antibiotic use and other factors.

The procedure is carried out within low temperature, that is why the cold rays from the LED light decrease sensitivity of the nerves in teeth, although sensitivity is usually inevitable while bleaching teeth with other technologies. It is also important to highlight that the unique LightBridge light technology does not emit harmful UV rays.

After the whitening procedure teeth get 6 to 8 shades brighter in average.

You will spend slightly more than an hour in the clinic and will be able to enjoy Your noticeably bright and healthy-looking teeth.

The modern specialist substance carbamide peroxide is used for teeth whitening procedures in our clinic. Based on the evidence from many studies, the whitening of healthy teeth with carbamide peroxide causes no harm, while the dental structure and the adjacent tissues remain intact.

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