Home whitening

For teeth whitening at home with trays, the dentist takes the teeth prints and produces individual tooth shape reflecting trays. A special ingredient – carbamide peroxide is added, which breaks down, and the separated oxygen gets into the enamel, thus splitting the colored compounds of the tooth. Applications are performed between 10-14 days for a few (3-8) hours a day wearing them on the teeth.

Home whitening has many benefits: control of the situation by the patient, reduced number of visits to the dentist, a high level of safety and a possibility to repeat the procedure in a few years without new investment in whitening trays. It should be noted that the bleaching process can be accompanied by some small concerns, which are generally associated with an increased sensitivity

Care and Safety Information for Patients Who Want to Whiten Their Teeth

Key points of safe and modern whitening:

  • Use custom trays which will be made based on the shape of your teeth and ordered from a laboratory.
  • Try to avoid over-the-counter products, as their safety could be dubious.
  • Strictly follow the recommendations of your dentist regarding the whitening regime.
  • If you have fillings or crowns in the aesthetic area, you may have to replace them after bleaching. If you are planning to undergo dental restoration of the anterior area, whitening procedures should be performed first, and your teeth can be restored only two weeks later.

Instructions given by doctors of Vitadent clinic to patients who have decided to whiten their teeth:

  • Before starting the whitening procedure, it is recommended to undergo a thorough ultrasonic mechanical cleaning and the delicate Air Flow procedure
  • For a full whitening cycle of 2-3 weeks you will need 10% or 16% bleaching gel. The gel can be purchased at Vitadent Clinic.
  • Before using the trays, make sure there is no residual dried gel left inside after the previous use. Prepare your teeth for bleaching: floss your teeth and then brush them for 2 minutes
  • Evenly spread a small amount of the gel on the outer surface of the tray
  • Place the tray so that it accurately covers the entire surface of your teeth. Perform the procedure in front of the mirror to make sure that the tray sits on your teeth snugly and the gel inside has distributed evenly over the outer surfaces of your teeth
  • If a small amount of gel comes in contact with the surface of the gums acted, we recommend that you remove it from the surface to avoid irritation
  • If you use a 10% gel, keep the trays in your mouth for 6 to 8 hours. If the gel is 16%, the time is reduced to 2 to 4 hours. Repeat the procedure daily for 2 to 3 weeks
  • If you feel pain, it is recommended to remove the trays. Sometimes your teeth can become sensitive to cold at an early stage of the whitening cycle. Sensitivity vanishes with time
  • After using the trays, rinse your mouth with water thoroughly and wash the trays with a jet of water
  • The canines, the cervical area of the teeth and the lower front teeth may require additional bleaching for 2 to 5 days, so that the colour of the teeth becomes more uniform.
  • Should you need help or advice regarding teeth whitening, please contact the specialists of Vitadent Clinic.

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