Periodontitis treatment with Emdogain  

Straumann® Emdogain® is a mixture of proteins from enamel substance of porcine origin. This mixture usually applies to the cleaned surface of the root or to a wound of oral cavity. Straumann® Emdogain® forms an extracellular substance that activates the processes and stimulates the cells required for the regeneration of periodontal tissue and the healing of soft tissue.

The results of clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of application Straumann® Emdogain® for number of reasons:

  • regeneration of periodontal tissues
  • elimination of gingival recessions
  • healing of oral cavity tissues

Straumann® Emdogain® is also simultaneously used during periodontal operations. The results of histological studies suggest that Emdogain® provides predictable regeneration of cement, periodontal ligament and alveolar bones that lost due to periodontitis or injury. According to long-term clinical studies, Emdogain® significantly improves the outcome of periodontal treatment (compared to curettage).

Result assurance

The effectiveness of Emdogain® is established by the results of number of clinical studies. Over the past 20 years, this medical substance has been used in the treatment of more than 2 million patients. The outcome of its application is described in more than 1000 scientific publications, including 600 articles combining clinical studies.

Elimination of gingival recessions is becoming an increasingly urgent task due to the growing aesthetic demand of patients. Simultaneous use of Straumann® Emdogain® during surgical treatments helps to restore oral aesthetic by effectively closing the exposed surface of the roots, and increased width of the gum.

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